Families First

Families First is a family advocacy group, committed to supporting parents and children in the family unit. It supports the rights and responsibilities of parents to protect and guide their children and to bring them up in a reasonable manner, according to their religious and philosophical convictions.

[Children Bill Briefing

The Children Bill

When the Children Bill was originally published, it made no reference to the discipline of children by their parents. However, some backbenchers, children's rights groups and the media put pressure on the Government to amend the Bill to impose an outright ban on smacking. Families First made a briefing paper available. >More [PDF]

We also provide a summary of the progress of the Children Bill through Parliament. >More

[Sweden's Smacking

Sweden's Smacking Ban

Those in favour of a ban on smacking often quote Sweden as a role model. Sweden banned smacking in 1979. A primary aim of the ban was to decrease rates of child abuse and to promote supportive approaches for parents rather than coercive state intervention. Evidence suggests the ban has totally failed to achieve these aims. Far from any decrease in violence there has been a sharp increase in child abuse and child-on-child violence. >More [PDF]